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ElderWarror - [Feronia]

101 Level


Job Alias: CY_Warror

M3 Points: 616

Last update: 2018-03-24 19:24:59 GMT+0


Global chatting

Sort of item: Expendable

Quantity 11

Message Time
Hello Feronia :) SP Farming is still necessary? 2017-10-01 16:09 GMT+0
WTS Global chatting and 75silks. PM ME OFFER 2017-10-01 14:11 GMT+0
WTS Global Chatting & 77silks (without lvl req.) PM Offer 2017-10-01 13:52 GMT+0
WTS Silks 1 = 40m (only items w/o lvl req.) PM 2017-10-01 13:35 GMT+0
WTS 100 Silks = PM ME OFFER 2017-10-01 13:30 GMT+0