Hello there, Joymax/JCPlanet is trying something new on botting policies and we are now having disconnect issues. Please be patient while we solve those issues.
We have fixed the problem with SRO-R but still working on iSRO servers.
2018-06-19 10:53:05 GMT+0
Server Status
Aeolus Active
Bellona Active
Ceres Active
Feronia Active
Flora Active
Minerva Active
Xian Active
Ephesus Active
Mycenae Active
Name Contributions
Bahadır Kaygusuz (PaganPride [Flora]) French translations
Bojan Jovanović Serbian translations
Christopher Kinzebach(Busuyima [Feronia]) Deutsch translations
Dimitri Psarev (Ani [Xian]) Spanish translations
Iago Mota (Chromosome [Mycenae]) Portuguese translations
Muhammad Ibrahim Arabic translations
Norbert Gorecki (ElderWarror [Feronia]) Polish translations
Patrick Rietkerken (Berry [Ephesus]) Dutch translations
Zsolt Szabó (Yurel [Mycenae]) Hungarian translations