Hello there again, It's been a long time since we have been working on M3 Stats. From now on we start to rebuild our infrastructure and improve our services. On the incoming days we weill be sharing more details about that. Keep in touch!
2019-12-15 12:43:24 GMT+0
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Name Contributions
Bahadır Kaygusuz (PaganPride [Flora]) French translations
Bojan Jovanović Serbian translations
Christopher Kinzebach(Busuyima [Feronia]) Deutsch translations
Dimitri Psarev (Ani [Xian]) Spanish translations
Iago Mota (Chromosome [Mycenae]) Portuguese translations
Muhammad Ibrahim Arabic translations
Norbert Gorecki (ElderWarror [Feronia]) Polish translations
Patrick Rietkerken (Berry [Ephesus]) Dutch translations
Zsolt Szabó (Yurel [Mycenae]) Hungarian translations