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MaZosisT - [Aeolus]

101 Level


M3 Points: 752

Last update: 2018-05-22 16:30:13 GMT+0

101 Lv Breeze Magic Hat 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Devotion Robe 12 DG (Legend) +4
101 Lv Breeze Himation 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Breeze Mitten 13 DG (Legend) +5
101 Lv Breeze Under Robe 13 DG (Rare) +2
101 Lv Breeze Weave 13 DG (Legend) +2
101 Lv Dragonet Soul 13 DG (Legend) +3
Death Assassin Armor (M)
Demon Shaitan Accessory (M)
Death Assassin Hat (M)
Angel's Spirit (M)
Unique Kills
Kidemonas 1


Message Time
WTB SİLK---- WTB 14 DG EU WEAPON.. PM THANKS 0d, 21h, 17m ago
WTB SİLK---- WTB 14 DG EU LEG WEAPON.. PM THANKS.. 1d, 19h, 52m ago
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GLOBALLERİMİ HAZIRLADIM TestaMenT :) aksam diyodun globallerini hazırla diye :) FTW MODD :)) 18d, 21h, 34m ago
101 warrior-101spearnuker-102wizbard 400 TL pm : _Dr3aM_TuRK_ 19d, 3h, 11m ago
HAYIRDIR BANA MI SARIYON YİNE.... .dd 19d, 3h, 15m ago