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NoKillMe - [Aeolus]

76 Level

ADHDsquad - [Gladiator]

M3 Points: 464

Last update: 2018-04-23 16:47:33 GMT+0

67 Lv Polar Cabasset 8 DG (SOSUN) +5
69 Lv Polar Cuirass Mail 8 DG (SOSUN) +5
65 Lv Polar Alette 8 DG (SOSUN) +5
64 Lv Polar Glove 8 DG (SOSUN) +3
68 Lv Polar Cuirass Tasset 8 DG (SOSUN) +5
66 Lv Polar Boots 8 DG (SOSUN) +3
1 Lv Copper Rod 1 DG (SOS)
64 Lv Wing Gleam 8 DG (SOS)
Arabian Hat (F)
Arabian Dress (F)
Pirate Accessory (F)
Devil's Spirit A grade(F)
Unique Kills
Tiger Girl 2
Cerberus 1
Uruchi 2