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_GROOT_ - [Aeolus]

101 Level


Job Alias: OB_GROOT

M3 Points: 691

Last update: 2018-05-22 03:09:28 GMT+0

Unique Kills
Cerberus 1
Captain Ivy 1
Lord Yarkan 1
Demon Shaitan 1


Message Time
WTB D13/14 Chin Weap, WIll pay Gold, $$$$, Silk 15d, 18h, 41m ago
WTB D13 Chin weapon/shield VIA Gold , paypal , silk 15d, 22h, 40m ago
lvl 116 ms party 25984 come 17d, 11h, 52m ago
24/7 Theif Party Looking For Attackers 25921 17d, 12h, 54m ago
24/7 theif pt temple 25462 17d, 17h, 51m ago
Looking for 24/7 Theif pt , have buff/attackers 17d, 18h, 1m ago