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2bad4u27 - [Aeolus]

101 Level


Job Alias: Ro_2bad

M3 Points: 784

Last update: 2018-06-19 00:52:22 GMT+0

101 Lv Breeze Magic Hat 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Breeze Robe 13 DG (Legend) +1
101 Lv Breeze Himation 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Breeze Mitten 13 DG (Legend) +2
101 Lv Breeze Under Robe 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Breeze Weave 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Tiger Roar 15 DG (Legend) +13
Armor of Red Scourge (F)
Helm of Red Scourge (F)
Devil's Spirit S grade(F)
Unique Kills
Uruchi 1
Isyutaru 5
Demon Shaitan 2
Medusa 1
Kidemonas 3