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Nick - [Aeolus]

101 Level


Job Alias: Lord_of_sr0

M3 Points: 772

Last update: 2018-04-23 21:40:01 GMT+0

101 Lv Procela Morion 13 DG (Legend) +4
101 Lv Procela Mail 13 DG (Legend) +4
101 Lv Procela Alette 13 DG (Legend) +2
101 Lv Procela Glove 13 DG (Legend) +1
101 Lv Procela Tasset 13 DG (Legend) +2
101 Lv Procela Boots 13 DG (Legend) +3
101 Lv Blaze Wing 14 DG (Legend) +7
Dark Warrior Armor (F)
Dark Warrior Accessory (F)
Dark Warrior Helm (F)
Angel's Spirit S grade(F)
Unique Kills
Tiger Girl 34
Cerberus 34
Captain Ivy 38
Uruchi 36
Isyutaru 50
Lord Yarkan 29
Demon Shaitan 17
Karkadann 1


Black Armor

Seal of Sun

Sort of item: Gear

Degree: 10

Phy. def. pwr. +0%

Mag. def. pwr. +0%

Durability +0%

Parry rate +0%

Phy. reinforce +0%

Mag. reinforce +0%

Reverse Return Scroll

Sort of item: Expendable

Quantity 11

Soul Fiend (+1)

Seal of Sun

Sort of item: Weapon

Degree: 10

Phy. atk. pwr. +25%

Mag. atk. pwr. +6%

Durability +12%

Attack rate +35%

Critical +6%

Phy. reinforce +67%

Mag. reinforce +19%

INT Increase2

Poison Horn Spear (+5)

Seal of Sun

Sort of item: Weapon

Degree: 10

Phy. atk. pwr. +19%

Mag. atk. pwr. +45%

Durability +9%

Attack rate +12%

Critical +9%

Phy. reinforce +6%

Mag. reinforce +6%


Premium Gold Time PLUS (4 weeks)

Sort of item: Expendable

Quantity 1

4-Week Gold Time Service Ticket

Sort of item: Expendable

Quantity 1

Angel's Spirit S grade(F)

Sort of item: Avatar

Celestial Knight Armor (F)

Sort of item: Avatar

Message Time
130 pt looking for an attacker or cleric pm me or _HardCore_ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 1d, 11h, 32m ago
wtb 4* parts euro accs 12d+7 legend and splendor common fb set hunters,str 18 int 18 buffs pm me!! 12d, 9h, 33m ago
wtb 12d+7 acc's *4 euro legend and splendor set with FB hunter for silk or $ ...FTW ROmaniacs!!!! 20d, 11h, 48m ago
Colin really thanks for guiding me bro<3333 one of my great friend<33 2018-03-19 04:13 GMT+0
WTS 12D LEGEND PROOFS 6 UNITS 240M EACH NO NOOBS. Sereness<3 Colin<3 ...ROmaniacs ftw<33 2018-03-18 17:51 GMT+0
114 wiz/cleric searching for 120 pt pm me thank you. 2017-12-31 14:08 GMT+0
Thanks to GhuIIa and even Colin for the Baron quest support love u guys<3 Gods and union<3 2017-10-29 17:44 GMT+0
Gzz PeaceEmpire well played guys<33,thanks Asiller for Good SS..soon will upload it. 2017-08-19 18:41 GMT+0
Today's Fortress was the example for the Best team work<33.....Heaven[Aeolus Rulerzzzz]<33333 2017-06-24 18:48 GMT+0
Then do not need to talk about me and Termi if. u dont care dude have a good gaming 2017-06-03 15:43 GMT+0
Me and Termi were friends,are friends, and will be friends....dont need to talk abt past Sereness:). 2017-06-03 15:40 GMT+0
Ty Termi my best friend<33.......btw Sela pt fail again?xD ftw Heaven and Union<3 2017-06-03 15:32 GMT+0
Black Armor wts pm with offers on Syndraa<3 2017-05-26 17:31 GMT+0
wtb 10d immortal stone or wtb 30 silk pm me...wts Reverse Return Scroll....RIP ALCHEMY 2017-05-17 17:17 GMT+0
Searching for guild majorily having hunters:) pm me 2017-04-29 18:38 GMT+0
Soul FiendTY Jush for the trade<333 and Jolia really thanks for ur offer<333....SunEmpire< 33 7d, 9h, 13m ago
Poison Horn SpearWTT FOR EUROP SUN WEP PM ME 7d, 9h, 24m ago
wts 150 silks 1.3m each wts Premium Gold Time PLUS (4 weeks) 4-Week Gold Time Service Ticket 7d, 10h, 10m ago
wts 200 silk,1silk=1.3M pm! SunEmpire and Union<3 7d, 10h, 50m ago
Im really lucky person to have such a wonderful friend like Sereness<33 to make me happy everyday... 8d, 14h, 41m ago
Thx Jenny for your honesty<333 and thx for believing me .....ftw SunEmpire<3 ..YourKiller<3333 8d, 14h, 47m ago
Angel's Spirit S grade(F) THX FOR GIVING DEVIL S SOO FAST 3 CARDS ONLY xD 24d, 12h, 8m ago
Celestial Knight Armor (F)wtt full set for lucky avatar female or dark warrior (f) pm SE <333 27d, 11h, 28m ago
WizarDark stop pm'ng coz SE have 1face and ur idiot kid in scammers guild 30d, 14h, 18m ago
Problems can never be solved till anyone looses against others, whatever i did to PE im sory guys<3 30d, 14h, 24m ago
i will be waiting to die for my brothers and guild :D 30d, 14h, 30m ago
always i do whtever my brothers ask in this game YourKiller<3333 ,im glad to be in SunEmpire guild<3 30d, 14h, 32m ago